Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rock our World: A song around the world

Video class for peace:  This school wants to collaborate with our efforts of Internationa Day of Peace.  Look at what they did last year with Rock our World.  The MD did a presentation at chapel of Rock our work!  We learned about Rock Our World via Edmodo.  Carmen Clay met the video production teacher from Howe at the Vision 2012 Conference in OKC.

As you know, Rock Our World is fueled by a different Challenge Based Learning topic each round. The next round this fall will be focusing on photography "Rocktography." (I made the name suggestion.) Peace is woven in every round. Here's a link to my students' Animation-ISH video from a past round. The theme was Peace. This was one of my favorite rounds of ROW. Here's the full length movie.

Here's my students being interviewed by Carol Anne McGuire and her daughter Macy during the Int'l Family Night with Rock Our World.

This is our Howe Rock Our World Wiki:

Here is our Weebly website - check out some of our peace activities on the "rocktography" tab.

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